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Monday, July 12, 2010

Well moratorium summary

One year ago this week the Department of Ecology imposed a moratorium on well drilling in Upper Kittitas County.

Being an independent, there's no one to tell me what to think about this (or any other) issue, and I don't have any financial interest or ideological bias, so I've had the opportunity to do my own research and reach my own conclusions. In my research, some of which I have mentioned earlier in this blog, I've talked to, among others:
  • a County Commissioner,
  • a well driller,
  • a founder of Aqua Permanente (the organization that initially brought the issue of exempt wells to the attention of the Department of Ecology),
  • the superintendent of one of the two water companies of which my property is a member,
  • owners of property directly affected by the moratorium,
  • construction workers unemployed as a result of the building slowdown in the Upper County.

  • I've also attended public meetings about the issue, gone to a state employment/ economics conference, and read many -- but by no means all -- of the newspaper articles about it. And, of course, I've read as much of the relevant state code (RCW) as possible. I've used all this information in my thinking about the causes and effects of the moratorium, and about how the situation might have been handled differently.

    Briefly, my conclusion is that the well moratorium didn't need to happen, and I certainly would have handled the situation differently and in a way that preserved jobs as much as possible.

    The issue isn't as complicated as it sounds, but there is a lot to explain. Explaining how I reached this conclusion will take some space, so I'll continue on a different page. Please read the entire post first if you decide to comment below.

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