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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

KittCo Democratic Party Endorses Fennelle Miller for City Council

Ellensburg Daily Record
August 1, 2015

To the editor:

All city council elections are important, and the race for the Ellensburg council seat vacated by Tony Aronica is no exception. The big issues this year are -- once again -- economic development and sprawl. It is obvious that local economic development progress is stalled, and right before our eyes a massive development is going in north of Ellensburg. One might even say the situation is dire.

Better oversight of economic development is needed. Sensible planning to avoid the kind of development we have seen in north Ellensburg is needed. We face important, complicated issues, and only one candidate has the experience to take them on.

That is why the Kittitas County Democratic Party is endorsing Fennelle Miller. She is the only candidate with previous successful council experience, with the vital understanding of complicated issues, and with the ability to meet the challenges Ellensburg faces.

Steve Verhey
Chair, Kittitas County Democratic Party

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